Temporalis trigger point release

The Temporalis muscle is a flat muscle is located on the sides of the head just above the ears. Trigger points in temporalis refer pain to the area above the eyes and upper lips. They contribute to the formation frontal and temporal headaches and can also cause pain the upper teeth.

Here is a list of potential symptoms 

Secondary Symptoms

Cause of trigger points in Temporalis

There are multiple causes of trigger points in these muscles.

  • Chewing gum – Since the muscle is a muscle of mastication and chewing gum can put pressure on it. 
  • Tooth grinding (bruxism) – Teeth grinding can put pressure on the jaw muscles which refer pain to the temple and result in trigger points
  • Prolonged dental work – Since the temporalis muscle  muscle helps open the jaw, keeping your jaw open for long periods puts pressure on it resulting in pain and trigger points
  • Stress/Emotional tension – Stress is a pretty strong cause of trigger points since it causes our muscles to tighten up. The muscles being in a state of fight and flight are tensed up resulting in pressure being to most muscles especially the shoulder muscles and the jaw muscles. The shoulder muscles and jaw muscles being tight pull on the muscles of the head resulting in high stress and trigger points. 
  • Jaw/bite alignment –  Lack of bite alignment or jaw alignment can also put pressure on the muscles of the head and cause severe pain and trigger points.

Trigger points in muscle can can also be caused by the trigger points in the SCM muscle and the trapezius muscle. 

Massage technique

This video below shows how to release your temporalis trigger points (trigger points in the forehead muscles) which can cause frontal headaches.