One of the stranger symptoms of TMJ problems is a sudden feeling of dizziness which can happen when turning the head. This is also caused by the infamous SCM muscle trigger points which can cause a whole host of problems as you might have found by now.

Here is a visual representation of the all the pain trigger points in the SCM can cause

Trigger points in the SCM and all the referred pain points. Though not mentioned, the SCM trigger points can also cause dizziness.
Trigger points in the SCM and all the referred pain points

Stretches and self treatment videos for Dizziness

Here is a collection of massage techniques and stretches which are very effective in releasing the trigger points in the SCM region. Since the SCM trigger points can cause a lot of issues other than dizziness, working on the SCM can bring tremendous bang for your buck.

Given below are two amazing stretches for the SCM muscle which should help a lot. The videos linked below belong to their respective creators and all credit goes to them.

Please remember, sometimes since your jaw muscles are so tight, you might have to work on your SCM multiple times to slowly reduce your dizziness and other symptoms.

Since the key importance is that the SCM trigger points should be slowly worked on. The easiest way to find the trigger points on the SCM muscles is to slowly press press on the SCM muscle and apply gentle pressure using your index and thumb on the sore spots.

Here are some suggestions

  • Trigger points cause the most pain when massaged or press exactly at their “source”. Even with the smallest deviations, the reduction in pain can be drastic.
  • So, focus on the most painful spot to ensure you are releasing it at its central point or the source
  • Press on the sensitive point for a minute or longer to release the trigger point. Sometimes you might have to do it as long as 90 seconds.

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