While having jaw pain and headaches is a common side effect of TMJ problems, surprisingly trigger points can cause a feeling of intense toothaches depending upon the muscle. So before you go running off to the dentist to fix the toothache, consider trying to figure out if the toothache is due to a trigger point and see if fixing that trigger point helps reduce your pain.

Here are the kind of toothaches you can face due to tight jaw muscles

Masseter trigger points and the pain ref feral patterns with the toothaches they cause in the upper and lower molars
Masseter trigger points can cause pain the upper and lower molars
Temporalis trigger points with the toothaches they cause in the molar and the front teeth
Temporalis trigger points can cause pain in the upper teeth and can also be a cause of pain in the upper molars
Digastric trigger points which can cause toothaches in the lower front teeth
Trigger points in the digastric muscles can cause pain in the lower front teeth

How to treat this pain (without going to a dentist)

Here is a collection of stretches which are very effective in releasing the trigger points in the muscles which cause headaches. The videos linked below belong to their respective creators and all credit goes to them.

The two linked videos show how to stretch out the digrastric muscles and massage the Masseter and Temporalis muscle.. The first video shows how to stretch the digastric muscles and the second video shows how to massage the temporalis and the masseter muscles

While you can massage the masseter from the outside, the best way to it is inside your mouth. So ensure your hands are clean or better I would get one of these gloves from amazon

  • Wear the gloves
  • If you are massaging your left side, use your right arm
  • Open your mouth as much as you are comfortable and slowly move around the cheek looking for tender points (refer to the below image for reference)
Masseter trigger point reference for toothaches.
  • Once you have found a sore point, press on it gently until the pain begins to recede
  • Move on to the other trigger points slowly
  • Do this once a day until you can’t find any more sore points.