Trapezius trigger point release

The trapezius muscle is a major muscles found in the upper back and on either side of the spine. Surprisingly, it’s also one of the muscles that has a lot of trigger points due to tightness and TMJ problems. Trigger points in the trapezius muscle can cause the following symptoms 

Primary Symptoms

Secondary Symptoms

  • Back of Shoulder Pain

Cause of trigger points in the trapezius muscle

There are multiple causes of trigger points in the trapezius muscles

Stress: Being stressed out can result in the shoulder muscles tightening up and hence referring pain to other parts of the body

Bad posture: Sitting or standing improperly can result in extreme stress on the spine and shoulder muscles resulting in trigger points and pain

Pressure due to backpacks or loads : Heavy pressure on the shoulder muscles due to heavy or imbalanced loads can put pressure on the traps resulting in pain 

TMJ problems : TMJ dysfunction can result in the jaw joint being out of sync putting pressure on the neck and the traps.

Holding positions: Maintaining unusual or awkward standing or sitting positions can lead to pain in the traps.

 The trapezius trigger points can also refer satellite trigger points to the infamous SCM muscle, the temporalis muscle and even the Masseter muscle. Hence resolving the trapezius trigger points is very important. 



Trigger point release and stretch

It’s better to do a two step process to release tight trap muscles. The first step would involve trigger point therapy using a trigger point ball. The second step would involve stretching it out which is the second video.



Heat is also a great way to release tension in your trap muscles. I strongly recommend getting this one since it covers the of the trap muscles and part of the neck as well.