Vision problems – Eye pain and sensitivity

One of the stranger symptoms of TMJ issues is vision problems such as Eye pain and Tearing/Reddening of the eye. Interestingly both of these are caused by the infamous SCM muscle trigger points which can cause a whole host of problems.
Also the Splenius Capitis muscles can also cause eye problems such as blurriness and eye sensitivity and eye pain.

Stretches and self treatment videos for vision problems

Here is a collection of stretches which are very effective in releasing the trigger points in the SCM region and the Splenius Capitis .

SCM muscle release

The two linked videos show how to release the SCM muscle. The first video shows how to release the trigger points and the second video shows how to stretch them out. Treating the SCM is very beneficial as that can often resolve a lot of headache problems


Splenius Capitis muscle stretch

This video shows how to stretch out your Splenius Capitis muscles (muscles at the back of the head) which can cause vision problems such as blurry or double vision


I hope these videos help. Please remember, all linked videos belong to the video creators and all credit goes to them.